R/C Flying Training Scheme bmfa






Beginners are paired with a competent instructor and trained to BMFA Power Achievement Scheme [Fixed Wing] 'A' Certificate standard.

After achievement of 'A' certificate, members are encouraged to progress to 'B' certificate level at least. The club has instructors and examiners to tutor members should they wish to improve and extend their flying capabilities.

All beginners are taught to fly using a buddy system. The instructor controls the main transmitter and another transmitter is 'buddied up' to it, via a long cable. This allows the instructor to hand over control of the plane, but also, at the flick of a switch, take control back if the beginner gets into difficulty. Safety is paramount in the way beginners are are introduced to the hobby of RC flying and using a buddy system ensures that. As the beginner progresses and grows in confidence more and more of the control of the plane is allowed, leading up to practicing the complete BMFA 'A' schedule.

For more detail on the BMFA achievement scheme, please click here, and you'll be taken to the BMFA's dedicated achievement scheme website.

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