Try your hand at Gremlins. Every year we fly a series of competitions using "Gremlin" flying wings, powered by a .25 cu in 2 stroke, and trailing a 30 metre tape behind. With four in the air, it's your job to fly close to and cut the ribbon from the other flyers, all while they're trying to do the same to you. Each time you get a "cut", it's points. And...points mean prizes. The winner, with most points over 5 or 6 rounds, at the end of the year is awarded the prestigious "Gremlin" badge to wear next year, plus of course a cup to display at home.

Hectic, fun, with lots of adrenaline, it's great to sharpen up your hand-eye coordination and get to know your fellow members, at quite close quarters. They are easy to fly, very gentle but quite manoueverable - they need to be!

Occasionally, there's a mid-air contact, sometimes trivial, othertimes not so, but it only takes about 2 hours (according to the resident expert, who has built around 36 of them so far) to make another. A foam core, a section of drainpipe, some balsa elevons and you're off again.

Some fly out of the way over Morley Church (according to less-than-kind fellow members), others fly close and in some cases too close to the ground, but all of us enjoy the exercise.

For information on building your Gremlin, look here

For Club Members, subscribe to the forum for information on competititions, bragging from the leaders and to seek any help in building your model.


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