Club Pylon Rules ( Electric)

  1. Any Electric Powered Fixed Wing Aircraft. Pilots may borrow or change models part way through the competition.
  2. Batteries to be no more than 14.8v 4s Lipos.
  3. 4 Up in Heats, using a Matrix where possible.
  4. 4 Heats. Each Heat consisting of 10 Laps over a 2 Pylon Course in an anti-clockwise direction starting and finishing on Start Line.
  5. Penalties:- As Judged by Competition Director or Timekeeper
    1. Any Pylon cut or Flying Out of Bounds:- Pilot will be Disqualified from that Heat/Race
  6. 4 in a Final. Assuming there are enough entries the Final will be decided by heat placings, in the event of ties then time is deciding factor.
  7. Time is only recorded for the fastest 2 models to compete in each heat.
  8. Time clock starts on a Whistle / or Flag drop
  9. In the event of more than one winner i.e. 2 different winners from 2 competitions, then the overall winner will be decided with one race over 10 Laps. In the event of a Fly-Off being unavailable then the overall winner will be decided by :-
    1. Number of Wins. (If number of wins are tied)
    2. Number of Wins + Fastest Time from Previous Races
  10. Hand Launch or R.O.G from designated start line. (or as determined by wind direction)
  11. Pilots must have a Launcher/ Caller. Launchers must leave to launch area before to first model rounds the second pylon whether they have launched or not. Failed launches or crashes must not be retrieved until after the heat has finished.
  12. After 10 Laps, Pilots must call Finish and then climb High. i.e. Leave the Racing Circuit.
  13. CD may call for a re-fly as a last resort for example if there is an error in timing, injury or an upheld appeal by pilot substantiated by witnesses. Does not include Mid-Airs.

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