Fun Fly Schedule

1   Figure of Eight :- How many figure of eights in set time for model
     type, timed from the start of the first eight. No height or size limit.
2   Spot Landing :- Take off, complete 1 circuit and land dead-stick in
     the same direction as take-off, no time limit and no go-rounds.
     More than 10m from the spot, no score, closest to the spot, 10 points, next
     6 points, then 5,4,3,2,1.
3   Number of Loops :- Number of loops in set time for model type ,
     timed from the start of the first loop. No size limit.
     4, 30 + 60 :- Take off and fly for 30 seconds (timed). Throttle to tick
     over, then glide and touch down after a further 60 seconds. You have to
     estimate the time to touch down. NO Timers or Watches Allowed.
5   Smartie Drop :- A small cup with 10 Smarties in it will be taped to the
     wing. Take off and complete 1 Loop and land, (no time limit).
    Count the number of Smarties.
6   Touch and Goes :- How many touch and goes can you do in set time
     for model type from wheels off. There must be a least one circuit between
     Touches. Touches be on the mown strip and with at least 1 wheel.
7   Round the Pole :- Take off then fly around the pole 3 times then
     Landing must be in the same direction as take off.
     Time starts from wheels off
8    Fast Taxi :- Taxi into wind from one end of the landing strip to the
     other in the shortest time. No wing mixes, Taking off scores no points.

9   Lucky Dip !!!!! :- This Round is drawn from the hat

                          From the Hat    

    a   Blindfold Obstacle Course :- Taxi around a course blindfolded
        following directions from a caller. Fastest around the course wins.
       Time starts when aircraft crosses the line. Time Limit 2mins
       Taking off scores no points.

    b  Spin and Splat (Hopefully not Splat) :- Climb for 30secs, engine to
        idle, then spin for as long as you dare, the one with the most spins wins.
       Time starts from wheels off.
    c  Roll, Loop and Land :- Take off, perform 1 roll, 1 loop and land.
       There must be at least 1 circuit between the take off and landing.
       Timed from wheels off to wheels down. Shortest time wins.
    d  Climb and Glide :- Climb for 30secs, then engine to idle and glide for
        as long as possible.
        Timed from wheels off to wheels down.
    e  Balloon Burst :- Take off, fly a circuit, land in the same direction as
        the take off, taxi to burst the balloon.
        Time starts from wheels off, maximum time allowed 1min 30secs all
        model types.

Fun Fly Rules

Schedules :- Flying out of bounds counts NIL score for that schedule.

All timings are from wheels leaving the ground unless otherwise stated.

Scores will be ‘normalised’ i.e. 10 points for first place, 6 points for
second place, then 5,4,3,2,1.

No Wing Mixes :- i.e. Spoilerons, Flaps e.t.c.

Dead Stick 

I.C. Powered Models, Engine must be dead at the time of touch down.
Electric Powered Models, Motor must be braked.

Set Time for Model Types :-
1 Minute 30 seconds for Trainers, Wot 4s and aircraft of that Genre.
1 Minute for Funflys, i.e. Cougars, Limbo Dancers e.t.c.

There is no restriction on model or engine size, if it’s got wings and
wheels it can fly, but the same model must be used for all schedules.
Change of Propeller only allowed in the event of breakage and must be
replaced with like for like or one with same diameter and same pitch.



Click here for a PDF containing the schedule and rules.

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